Salesforce: Programme Management for Non-Profit Cloud

Gain more insight into your programme portfolio and focus on impact

Lack insight in your programme portfolio? Experience poor data quality? Spend a lot of time on preparing reports for donors?

Using Programme Management for Non-Profit Cloud, means that manual data entry can be phased out, for better data quality and validation at input. Additionally, you can set goals for your organization, and measure impact and pipeline targets against them. 

Programme management will be a breeze, allowing you to spend less time on administration and focus on your core activities instead.

"All internally and externally involved persons now always have 100% insight into the applications and current projects. A solution we are pretty proud of!”

The advantages of this solution

  • Phase out manual data entry and prevent mistakes.
  • Improve data quality and validation.
  • Save time on reporting so that you can spend more time on core activities.


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