All your messaging channels in one place

Customer contact is becoming more accessible and your customers are seeking more and more contact with you via different channels.

WhatsApp, Facebook or a chatbot on your own site? It all comes together in Freshchat. All your conversations are clearly sorted.

You can use Freshchat for marketing, sales and customer service purposes. Create your own chatbot with which you can serve the customer partially or completely. This way you can use your employees where they can make the difference.

Freshchat is scalable, easy to implement and fun to use, both for the customer and the employees.

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Accessible and fast

Freshchat is created to handle the quick and approachable nature that chats have as best as possible. It doesn't matter if you receive chats from Facebook or Whatsapp, everything comes in one place. Build a bot for your website that parses the most common questions with AI, FAQs and standard answers. You can also use the bot to request information, so the agent doesn't have to do it anymore.

Attaching labels to chats gives you better insight why people are contacting you. By setting up workflows and topics, the chats immediately go to the right employee. With the option of closing multiple chats simultaneously and sending FAQ articles, you can easily make great strides in the handling of your messaging.

Overview and control

You can manage different chat channels from one environment and also determine the routing of these channels. With the extensive dashboards and analysis functionalities, you have full visibility and control over your message flow.

Automate your work processes and group your chats for different teams. In addition, agents can use the co-browsing functionality to resolve issues even more effectively. Segment your customers and send them proactive messages to inform them.

Freshchat has an extensive apps library to set-up integrations with other tools. With out-of-the-box integrations with Freshdesk and Freshsales, you can effortlessly convert chats into service tickets or sales leads.

The 5 main reasons to switch to Freshchat

  1. All your messaging in one platform

  2. Quick installation, easy setup and user-friendly

  3. Optimized customer experience

  4. Real-time insight into the workload

  5. Chats are easily converted to leads for sales or tickets for support

Challenges for customer communication using chat

...and the solution of Freshchat

"I communicate through chat in 3 different places"
With Freshchat, all your messaging communication arrives in one place

"There are too many chats I need to pay attention to"

Drive conversations with bots and AI or answer quickly and easily with canned responses and FAQs


"The customer uses multiple communication channels for the same issue"

Seamless integration with other Freshworks products gives you a clear view of all communications


"My customers expect an immediate response via chat"

Let a bot give the first answers or show an expected response time


"Chats are about anything and everything and are difficult to direct."

With automations you send calls directly to the right group

Frequently asked questions about Freshdesk

How much does Freshchat cost?

Depending on the features you want to use, there are different pricing plans. It starts from €0,-, you pay per full-time agent. An overview of the costs can be found here. If you purchase Freshchat via g-company, you pay nothing extra, but you have support close by.



Can I convert chats into leads or service tickets?

Absolutely! Any chat you get in, you can seamlessly convert to a lead in Freshsales/Freshworks CRM or to a support ticket in Freshdesk. This way, no information is lost and you don't have to duplicate work either.


Can I get a demo and a test account?

For sure! You can contact us by clicking on the "try now 21 days free" button. We will gladly provide a demo and set up a test environment for your organization that is free to use for 21 days. We are also happy to advise you on best practices and how to achieve quick wins. You can also create your own test environment and try it yourself.

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