Support, in a simple way

Combine all service channels in one platform. Bundle your mail, telephony, chat, social media and Whatsapp in one system so you have a 360-degree customer view of all customer contacts. This allows you to continuously improve your service to your customers and organize it more efficiently.

Your customers will be positively surprised by your fast and adequate service and your employees will enjoy their work more. By making optimal use of the possibilities, they can focus on the cases that really require attention.

Freshdesk can be fully configured as you wish and is easy to use. This all-in-one customer service solution is available from € 0, - per agent and easily expandable with (own) integrations.

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Simplicity and efficiency

Freshdesk is the all-in-one solution for customer support. Combining a simple interface with useful automations and a wide range of extensions and integrations, you only need one place for all your customer service issues.

Freshdesk is the heart of your customer support and was created to make the lives of your customers and support agents easier and more fun. With the integrated knowledge base, customers can first search for information themselves before entering a ticket in the portal with the look & feel of your brand. This knowledge base can also be linked to the chat integration, making you even more accessible to customers.

Involve your customers in the service process by having them fill out a customer satisfaction survey when completing a ticket.

Complete control

With the extensive analytics and dashboard capabilities, you have a clear view of what is happening in your service environment. Based on the data you can adjust and anticipate. This enables you to continuously improve your service delivery.

Easily add your own fields to the tickets that are relevant to you and your customers. Set up answer templates for common questions and set-up automations so that your employees can focus on the cases that require more attention.

Freshdesk meets all modern privacy and security requirements. It is GDPR-proof, data is stored in a location of your choice and you can easily secure your environment with SSO, IP whitelisting and two-factor authorization.

The 5 main reasons to switch to Freshdesk

  1. All your customer support in one place

  2. Focus on the issues that need more attention

  3. Optimized customer experience

  4. Understanding of your support device

  5. Give your customers access to your knowledge base and a portal, fully deployed in your corporate identity

Customer service challenges

...and the solutions of Freshdesk


"Information scattered across multiple systems"

All information in one system


"I don't know how busy customer service is"

Live dashboard and analytics support environment.

"Customer support spends a lot of time on repetitive work"

With a knowledge base, response templates and automation, agents spend their time on tickets that really need it.


"It is not clear what one should pay attention to first"

with SLAs and rules, the most important thing is always on top.


"The customer has to explain 3 times what the problem is"

All contact moments in one system = the employee sees directly what the customer is contacting about.

Frequently asked questions about Freshdesk

How much does Freshdesk cost?

Depending on the features you want to use, there are different pricing plans. It starts from €0,-, you pay per full-time agent. An overview of the costs can be found here. If you purchase Freshdesk via g-company, you pay nothing extra, but you have support close by.



Can I link my CRM system to Freshdesk?

Yes, you probably will. There is already an 'app' available for a number of CRM systems that you can link to Freshdesk. This app exchanges information and retrieves data from your CRM environment. In addition, Freshdesk has an open API with which you can easily build your own connection. g-company also has programmers who can do this for you.


Can I get a demo and a test account?

For sure! You can contact us by clicking on the "try now 21 days free" button. We will gladly provide a demo and set up a test environment for your organization that is free to use for 21 days. We are also happy to advise you on best practices and how to achieve quick wins. You can also create your own test environment and try it yourself.



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