Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

With the right tools you can give an unprecedented boost to your business. The building blocks of Google Cloud Platform offer the possibility to develop customized solutions for specific requirements or integration with existing systems. With this we build, together with the customer, custom applications, from simple websites to complex programs. Apps that help you respond quickly to all kinds of developments, and that support you in the transformation of your business model.

Start transforming

The Google Cloud Platform makes transformation of business models way easier.


From simple websites to complex systems - with Google Cloud Platform, the possibilities are endless.

Integrate endlessly

The building blocks of Google Cloud Platform can easily be integrated with your current systems.

The challenge of...


Tentoo was for its fully digital service provision depending on software develope for the Dutch market, which caused problems in adapting the system to Belgian legislation.
The challenge of...


Travix had two main challenges. Business-wise, they wanted to faciliate trainings for a fast-growing and evolving team. IT-wise, they wanted to adopt and embrace new technologies quickly to obtain competitive advantage.
The challenge of...


“Many BI tools and data warehouses require a lot of time spent working and support by consultants, but we can use Data Studio and BigQuery ourselves. With Data Studio, we can have perfect data in a few days. A year ago it took us three months to produce a quality report. This year we did it in a week.”
The challenge of...


A solid data warehouse is for a Fintech-organization crucial. The existing data warehouse was built on-premise and was aging.

Where we make use of

Offer leads highly personalized product recommendation for more engagement and sales.
Quickly migrate, scale and innovate by migrate critical processes to the cloud.
The platform that enables you to do more with data and to get the most out of it.

Want to improve your Google Cloud Platform skills?

Google Cloud Platform Training

g-company offers training and certification to benefit from the full potential of Google Cloud Platform, with both technical skills and best practices.

Transform and build with the speed of Google

Google Cloud Platform offers you the building blocks you need to quickly and efficiently develop your ideas, from simple websites to complex applications. These building blocks - a set of modular services in the cloud - enable you to build and implement on the reliable and highly scalable infrastructure of Google, where you only pay for what you use.

Click here for more information about the building blocks of Google Cloud Platform. If you want to brainstorm about the next step for your organization, please contact one of our cloud experts.

Solutions with Google Cloud Platform


Google Marketing Data Cloud

Combine existing marketing data, get new valuable insights and get in touch with customers in a smart, personal way.
Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Discover: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In these hands-on, interactive workshops you'll learn how Google's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools can be used for your organization. We help to recognize and analyze business cases and how AI & ML can be used to tackle business challenges.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Data Studio

In this one-day workshop you'll discover the opportunities of data analysis on the Google Cloud Platform. Discover the best way to acquire, connect and share data using interactive visualizations.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Start Analytics BI

Become an (even more) data-driven organization by setting up an affordable and scaleable data warehouse on Google Cloud with all your business analytics.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Desktop as a Service

DaaS ensures you have access to existing (Windows) application using a cloud-native HTML5 web interface, which enhances scalability and safety.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Training

g-company offers training and certification to benefit from the full potential of Google Cloud Platform, with both technical skills and best practices.
Google Cloud Platform, Looker, Recommendations AI, VMware Engine

Google Cloud Platform: Lift & Shift

This programme is an intense collaboration focused on migrating your current workloads to Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: MLOps

This programme helps you to deploy Machine Learning workflows as efficiënt and scalable as possible.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Cloud App Development

Optimize your core business processes by creating tailor-made, easy-to-use mobile web applications running in the cloud.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure as Code

As a key component in DevOps, Infrastructure-as-code lets you build, manage and provision cloud infrastructure by describing it in human-language and machine-readable code.
Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Optimize: Containers & Kubernetes

Use containers to streamline your development process, and orchestrate them in Kubernetes clusters, which saves time and increases the reliability.
Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Sprint: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

A short and intense collaboration to assess new possibilities for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Cloud Start: Infrastructure Workshop

Cloud Start Infrastructure is an intensive, hands-on workshop-style engagement to kickstart your evaluation of Google Cloud Platform, and launch a proof of concept.
Google Cloud Platform

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