VMware Engine

Build the future with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Migrate, scale and innovate at speed

Move and modernize critical workloads to the cloud

Virtualization, disconnecting infrastructure and application, yields flexibility in terms of management, ensures optimal hardware utilization and makes updating and patching the environment simple and transparent for users.

Flexible management

Disconnecting infrastructure and applications ensures more flexibility to management.


Optimal utilization

Utilize the implemented hardware maximally.


Updating made simple

VMware Engine makes updating and patching as easy as possible.


Fast migration

Migrating, scaling and innovating simplified with VMware Engine.


Future-proof technology

When companies, besides virtualization, also leverage the scalability, security and economies of scale of an enterprise cloud architecture, they transform towards a predictable and also innovative environment.

By 2025, Gartner expects 80% of all virtual workloads to run in the cloud. However, we notice that today this is only the case for 10%.

So, why this delay?

At g-company, we know from experience that there is clearly more to it than just the theory. “The devil is in the details” and each of our customers has their own specifics. From a business-case approach, we help customers draw up a clear roadmap. Based on Google Cloud's VMware Engine and the rich set of other cloud solutions, we help customers in the step-by-step transition to a modern IT infrastructure, based on open standards and web services.

The result is an architecture that is cost effective and ready for the “new way of working”. This allows you to respond flexibly to changing market situations and business needs.

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