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You can start today just by yourself with But in case you need any additional guidance, there is a team of ready to assist you. That's how you bring to the next level! training

Make sure everyone in your organization uses as effective as possible with our trainings. consultancy

Curious how you can use to automate tasks and streamline workflows? Let us help you! development

Looking for functionality that is not standard available? Our team of technical experts like to help you with a tailored solution.

Our custom solutions is out-of-the-box a very extensive tool. Yet what applies to any product, has its limitations when it comes to what functions and integration are directly available. With the following apps and tools you will be able to extend the functionality drastically. 


HR Solution

All of your HR processes right inside

Hourly Planner app

Compose your ideal calendar, but then simply in 

Spider Chart app

Visualize your data in a clear spider chart.


Make automations and connect with more than 1.200 apps & tools. 

Do you also face the following challenges within your organization?

There is no overview of the status of current projects

Prioritization is considered very difficult

There are too many tools being used within your organization

Small tasks take on too much time

Everyone is always looking for documents and information

All communication is done via emails and gets lost easily

g-company designs a tailored workflow for your team and organization together with

What is is a tool built for a new way of working. bord

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding offers way more functionality than a simple spreadsheet. For example, you can:

  • add documents to
  • automate tasks
  • copy existing tools to, like email or your calendar
  • simply add multiple views
  • quickly generate reports;
  • set up email notifications;
  • use forms to add data strings;
  • invite and collaborate with guests;

    ...and way more! offers support for loads of software, among which Google Workspace, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Office and way more. Apps & tools that could not be used

You can try for free. We love to help you set up easily with a free session, which you can book directly.

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g-company is partner since 2018. Throughout the years, we turned into a one-stop shop for everything related. Next to consulting organizations about, we also house a team of technical experts who love to help you with integrations and apps consults to meet all customer-specific demands.

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