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Customize your calendar view

With data straight from your board

Do more with your calendar. Our custom calendar view lets you customize a calendar to fits the needs of your team.

"Our custom calendar view is built to show all the appointments of your team on a single calendar, with all relevant appointment data at hand."

- The g-company squad

The Google Calendar experience straight in

The custom calendar view is a calendar available straight from your account, but then with added functionality so that it works just as good as Google Calendar. 

All appointment-related data on your calendar

Creating a new calendar item is as simple as creating a new item on your board. Just add an item, select the person responsible, a start/end time and meeting details to create a new appointment.

Examples of appointment details

Start & end time

Simply fill out your start and end date/time in your board

Person responsible

A colour for every individual so that everyone instantly recognizes its own appointments.



Show the location on your calendar view so that users know where an appointment takes place. 

Phone number


You can use a phone number field to show phone number on appointments.

Custom fields


Want to show other fields, like URLs, email addresses, client numbers or account names? No problem! We can set this up as part of your subscription.

Easily integrated with other calendars

Are some of your users still using Outlook or Google Calendar as their main calendar? No problem, the native two-way sync makes sure no appointment gets unnoticed.

The use case of...


Bayer uses the custom calendar view in as planning tool to schedule the appointments of its service agents. They started using the custom calendar view and experienced three major benefits:

  • Easier appointment planning and rescheduling
    Planning and rescheduling appointments for service agents has become very simple and fast with custom calendar view, because there was no external calendar required.

  • No need to look elsewhere for all appointment information
    All information of the appointment could be retrieved instantly from the calendar, like the location of the appointment and the concerning client.

  • Instantly see availability of all team members
    Every person responsible could easily recognize its own appointments and the availability of other service agents.

Designed and built by g-company

Certified gold partner

g-company is a partner since 2018. Throughout the years, we have become a one-stop shop for everything Next to advising companies regarding, g-company also houses a team of technical experts that love to build integrations and apps to meet all client-specific requirements. 

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