More mutual understanding & energy through social media within your company

More mutual understanding & energy through social media within your company

It is extraordinary how quickly our society is changing by the influence of new technologies. A good example is the inauguration of Pope Francis and the thousands of people in the square: the streetscape was colored by people with their cell phones...  Worldwide, the emergence of the Arab Spring in 2011 is also a powerful example of how Twitter and Facebook can literally spark a revolution. A new generation of communication has emerged, communication through social media. As consumers, we now use social media on a daily basis and we usually do this via our smartphone. You know what is on the other person's mind and therefore easily start a conversation as soon as you meet again 'in real life'. We believe that now your business is ready too for these new technologies and developments:


If Social Media in personal life ensures that the distance is reduced between people we know, can they also ensure this within my business?

g-company thinks so. In addition to traditional top-down information, we see that internal social media is very useful for a number of things:

  • Connection to the organization through connection of pride. Once an employee in a finance department sees that his colleague in the sales department has closed a new deal, it makes him proud of his organization.
  • Knowing the person behind the colleague = more mutual understanding and energy. Seeing what motivates and enthuses a colleague creates more mutual understanding and energy.
  • Knowledge sharing. An employee can share knowledge in the form of an online article or video from a speaker.

The unprecedented power of individuals - bottom-up communication - which surfaced earlier in the form of the Arab Spring, is also possible within your company:

If people's intrinsic motivation is actually stimulated, energy can also be created using internal social media, which is almost impossible to match in a top-down manner.

When your company resources like Google+ (Google's social media platform) or Chatter (Salesforce's social media) commitment to working together in departments, across departments and in projects, brings many benefits: everyone is (literally) on the same page. The strength of your company increases enormously and all relevant (project) information can be found and searched in the relevant environment.

Balt Leenman

Account Manager
Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

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