G Suite now free while your current Enterprise Agreement is still running!

G Suite now free while your current Enterprise Agreement is still running!

At g-company, we believe in long-term relationships, but such relationships only work if you set each other free. Long-term contracts where you’re stuck with a vendor often result in a lot of frustration. That’s why we’re so excited about Google Workspace (formerly: G Suite) where you don’t sign a contract for more than a year. Moreover, Google makes it possible to not only easily import your data, but also to export it when you want to leave again.

With many traditional suppliers, you are often stuck with an Enterprise Agreement for three years. If you want to switch halfway through the contract, you face double costs.

To make the switch easier and break free from long-term contracts, Google has announced to make it even easier to switch to Google Workspace. During your current Enterprise Agreement with another vendor, you will get Google Workspace for free. This means that organizations can move to Google Workspace without any delays and without the high cost of paying off existing agreements. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can facilitate this offer together with Google.

We believe that once you experience Google Workspace, you will never want to go back. What’s more, it allows us to help even more people and organizations transform and innovate to better be in their power.

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