Doing business at g-company: what's the fun?

Doing business at g-company: what's the fun?

What motivates professionals?

In his blog post “What motivates professionals?” Balt Leenman gave a number of good reasons for entrepreneurial Salesforce consultants to join forces with g-company. I then decided – not even 2 months on board – to investigate: what about the motivation of these same professionals after several years of working with g-company? Some of the results were surprising.


Entrepreneurship in a team

For most of our Salesforce consultants, entrepreneurship and the challenge were the main reasons for joining g-company. After several years, these factors are still important, but a few other things weigh at least as heavily. Especially the teamwork is mentioned a lot. My colleagues are proud of the customer value they create together.

"Super-motivated people who always go the extra mile to make the customers happy."

The mutual feedback and the will to help each other makes each team member stronger. And the willingness to empower each other as colleagues ensures that together we deliver great solutions for our customers.

"A safe network to do business in"

Another quote from my research. For some, the start at g-company was quite exciting. After all, the autonomy as a self-employed person is offset by the uncertainty about their income. The entrepreneurial network turned out to work very well for the colleagues. Moreover, the organisational model has proved to be a gateway to selection: g-company attracts people who are confident that they will be successful as entrepreneurs. Not alone, but as a member of a high performance team.

"Working as an entrepreneur in a team of professionals with wonderful solutions is great."

The Salesforce practice of g-company is growing. Do you, as a Salesforce professional, want to be part of it? If you would like to discuss this, I would be happy to share my experiences with you:, 06 2952 8512.

Lex Dekker

Sales Manager & Squad Lead
Lex is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Sales Manager & Squad Lead.

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