Cloud OnBoard Brussel

Cloud OnBoard Brussel

All aboard!

After San Francisco, Melbourne, Singapore and Eindhoven, Cloud OnBoard touched down in Brussels for the first time, on Tuesday the 24th of April. Of course, as a certified Google Cloud training partner, g-company attended this event too. The day had a Googley start, with a short introduction and even a mexican wave. And after this energetic kick-off, the roughly 350 participants were guided through the functions and possibilities of Google Cloud Platform by Grant Moyle, senior trainer at ROI.

A general introduction started of the first bit of theory, answering how Google Cloud Platform works, what it has to offer, and most importantly: reasons why you could choose to use it. Afterwards, topics ranging from IaaS and PaaS to Google App Engine and GCP Big Data were tackled a little more in-depth. Jokes were cracked between the theoretical explanations.

During the breaks, participants could enjoy food and drinks, while taking a closer look at the Google partner booths. This way, they were able to spar ideas on how to put the theory into a more concrete application. And even after the last participant went home, the event was not truly over. Namely: everyone who took part in Cloud OnBoard, was offered the opportunity to put the theory to practice and experiment via hands-on Qwiklabs sessions.

Are you regretting missing Cloud OnBoard? No worries! g-company regularly organizes Cloud Platform introduction sessions as well. During this free day-long training you are shown the ins and outs of the platform with hands-on Qwiklabs sessions in between, under the expert guidance of our instructor. So definitely take a look at our training calendar, and we hope to see you soon!


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