g-company Salesforce Practice

g-company Salesforce Practice

Social collaboration put into practice

“We are a mix of a partnership, a cooperation, a guild and a franchise organization and we act in a high-performance team.” That is what I usually say when people ask me how our Salesforce Practice works. And then I obviously have to further elaborate.

We are a partnership. All g-company consultants are entrepreneurs, self-employed, organized in a association. Whoever wants to, can buy shares – you then become a partner literally – but colleagues without shares are considered equal. Partnership, that is something we do together; It is our beer! I often joke.

We are like a guild. We are professionals, very experienced professionals that collaborate and together realize wonderful projects: “We build cathedrals.

In a franchise organization. Legally we are a franchise organization, g-company is a private company and as consultants we are all franchisees. There are just a few colleagues in employment for staff functions and support. All consultants are franchisees and take responsibility for own performance.

And we collaborate in a high-performance team! Being experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, we do not need a manager. In a high-performance team we all are team leaders. If someone has a new idea or believes a process can be improved, they take action. We listen to each other and help each other, we improve each other! We realize you do not need to be sick to get better.


Would you like to exchange ideas on this topic, or experience how it is to partner with a high-performance team? Please contact us via or +31 6 52 86 92 24.

Balt Leenman

Account Manager
Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

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