Sales partner of the year

Special award at a special event

My head still feels light after a brilliant party in San Francisco last night. Google has put us in the spotlights as the winner of the EMEA Sales Partner Award. And of course we celebrated that!

The award was presented during the Google Cloud Next Partner Summit, a big event in San Francisco that showcases Google Cloud partners spanning G Suite, GCP, Maps, Devices, and Education.

You really get overwhelmed if you get such a prestigious award during this enormous event. I see it as a reward for more than ten years of hard work putting the great benefits of Google’s solutions into practice for our customers.

More than 10 years ago g-company was the first partner of Google Cloud in Northern Europe. From the start we lived the vision that everything will go to the cloud. In the beginning the general attitude towards cloud computing was rather defensive. 


Battle of the giants

That has become completely different. It is no longer the question whether you as an organization should go to the cloud or not, but when you go and to which cloud. Gartner has indicated that Amazon, Microsoft and Google are the three players at stake. All others are no longer able to come close to the big three and are therefore no longer relevant. There is a fierce battle going on between the three tech giants.

Meanwhile, many organizations in a wide variety of markets have opted for Google Cloud and their entire business now runs on its infrastructure, such as Spotify, Snapchat, Philips Hue, Twitter, CheapTickets / Vliegwinkel, Randstad and more locally in the Netherlands DSW Zorgverzekeraar (health insurance company). At the moment, Google is at position 3 in terms of revenue, but it is our strong belief that Google is going to win this fight. Why? Google is most open and offers the most freedom of choice in functionality and technology. This prevents a vendor lock-in. As a customer you can retrieve all your data and files from the Google Cloud within one click.

Furthermore, Google has the most comprehensive portfolio of applications and technologies: applications to collaborate and create content, mobile innovations, features and software to manage utterly business-critical IT, integrated opportunities for finding and reaching consumers with targeted content and ads. All for the smallest companies and the largest multinationals alike. And at the best price!

Without a doubt, Google Cloud has the best infrastructure of global data centers, networks, partners and people. The company runs far ahead with innovations in the field of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Looking back and forth

Looking back, I am convinced that our strategic choice for Google more than ten years ago was the right one. This is evident from the special things that we have been able to do for our customers with Google technology. ‘Awarded to do’, I must say, because without satisfied customers we would never have won this prize. So I would like to dedicate the award to all our customers and to our people. It has been a beautiful journey so far, I wonder where we will be in ten years.

Look here for some of the customer cases that we are proud of.

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g-company continues as Xebia!

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