VITO day recap

VITO day recap

High tech, high touch, high impact

On May 30th, the VITO day took place at the Event Lounge in Brussels, in cooperation with Securitas. The VITO purchase agreement is a partnership between VITO as the contracting entity, and Securitas. The aim is to supply “ICT equipment (hard- and software) for data centers with all related services” via Securitas, to eligible organizations. This simplifies purchases of equipment and services, without requiring a separate procurement.

At the VITO day, the services available via the purchase agreement were looked at in more detail, via the two themes of the day: “High tech, high touch, high impact”, as well as a focus on the importance of a circular economy. Both themes made it possible for speakers to touch upon a wide array of topics.

Freek van de Griendt, Managing Partner of g-company, explained why it is now more important than ever for organizations to build an ecologically justified cloud. Google Cloud Platform, for instance, offers the ability to further develop and innovate, sustainably. Google’s data centers are built to be hyper efficient and are starting to run more on green energy. And the used material is refurbished and reused where possible. Read more

Lorentz Verstraete, Account Manager Public Sector, focused on the possibilities that Google and Freshworks have to offer to the public sector. Google Workspace, for instance, contains fantastic tools to collaborate as efficiently as possible, no matter where you are. Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform can help you automate data structuring processes, while BigQuery makes it possible to easily analyse large quantities of data. And Freshworks’ cloud based products make it refreshingly easy to staff a helpdesk and service desk. There is a custom solution present for nearly every branch within the public sector.

Are you looking for a custom solution for your organization, and does all of the above sound like something you might want to learn more about? Then be sure to check our website and look at the services we provide! Or contact one of our consultants directly.

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