Welcome Jochen!

Welcome Jochen!

Hi folks,

My name is Jochen, and I recently started working at g-company as inside sales representative.

I have a Masters in Pedagogics, a Masters in Management, and since last year a European Master in Sports & Exercise Psychology, too. After two school years of working as an educational supervisor at the top level sporting school in Genk, I started looking for a new challenge: a varied job in a dynamic work environment, where innovation and progress are key. Et voila, that’s when I found g-company.

A couple of weeks ago, my adventure here truly started. Using Google University, I learned about the ins and outs of G Suite, as well as diving into the many solutions that Google Cloud Platform has to offer. While doing this, I had assistance, of course! My colleague, Mathijs, took me under his wings, and as a fully-fledged mentor he guided me through the mountain of new information that was coming my way. I could sit in during meetings with new opportunities, and even participated in the G Suite Summer Class. Lorentz took over shortly afterwards, invigorated from vacation, and added a needed dose of drive and sales on top of everything else. All in all, I received a very thorough preparation.

But: you learn more by doing. So, I started experimenting by generating new business for our project management-tool: I followed up on leads, gave webinars and experienced first-hand how it feels to close a deal for the first time.

All things considered, I can look back at a successful first month at g-company. Not only did I gain insight on de power and possibilities of Google Cloud, but I also learn a lot about current technologies, and those still under development. Which is exactly why I look forward to the undoubtedly interesting track ahead of all of us here at g-company.

Jochen Abrams

Jochen Abrams

Google Cloud Sales Engineer & Expert
Jochen maakt onderdeel uit van het Sales Squad en heeft binnen g-company een rol als Google Cloud Sales Engineer.

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