DSW improves customer service with Google Cloud

DSW improves customer service with Google Cloud

Press release: DSW Zorgverzekeraar expands Google Cloud contract with g-company

San Francisco (USA) / Utrecht (NL) / Mechelen (BE), 10 April 2019 – g-company announces that it will help DSW Health Insurance (DSW Zorgverzekeraar) to implement the use of innovations from the Google Cloud Platform. DSW already uses G Suite, especially for internal operations. Now DSW will focus on innovating customer service with the help of Google solutions. For this purpose, the existing contract with g-company is expanded.

DSW wants to optimize the customer contact process by using speech-to-text from Google Cloud Platform (GCP). “In cooperation with g-company, DSW succeeded in successfully implementing G Suite in 2017. We would like to continue this good cooperation”, says Frans ten Brink, COO / CIO of DSW Zorgverzekeraar. The expansion of the contract means that DSW can use all the features of GCP, for example in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. g-company will support DSW with PoCs.

“The broad functionality, the easy scalability and pay-for-use of GCP accelerate our innovation and business development. That helps us stay ahead.”

About DSW

DSW Zorgverzekeraar is an independent, unique health insurer in The Netherlands. With around 700,000 insured persons, DSW is the largest of the smaller Dutch health insurers. DSW focuses on innovation to strive for the best customer experience.

Click here for a video about G Suite at DSW Zorgverzekeraar.

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