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Member model 2.0 with Salesforce and Big Dash

Member model 2.0 with Salesforce and Big Dash

 VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland share their vision during a Round Table

Having a proper platform-organized is dependent on a great deal of data about activities, concerns, and interests from your supporters. That’s a prerequisite if you want to be able to give them tailored information at the right times. To realize this goal, VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland have chosen to use modern platform software: the Salesforce CRM, the community platform by Big Dash, and Google BigQuery to centralize large amounts of date from inside and outside of the organization.

We would love to invite member organizations to come to our Round Table session on March 21. Ron van Gent, director of VNP-NCW Midden and MKB Midden, as well as Peter Hagemans, deputy director MKB-Nederland, will explain their vision. They will zoom in on their ambitions, the choices they made, the challenges they faced and the lessons they learnt. An interesting session for every member organization! Want to participate? You can sign up here.

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