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New: ImportHelp for Salesforce

New: ImportHelp for Salesforce

Time consuming

A common activity with non-profits is the export of files, with which call centers call donors. After the call, the result files must be processed in Salesforce. Sometimes it is about new commitments, sometimes it is about upgrading existing ones. The old commitment is then terminated and a new one is started and linked to a new or existing account number. Statuses of campaign members need to be updated and sometimes the name, address details and communication preferences. The person who processes these files will confirm that it is a time-consuming and error-prone process.



To simplify the import process, g-company has developed a solution that is currently operational at a few customers. The basis is that all import data is always read in the same way into a separate object. You can then select what should be done with the data supplied: is it new data, or is it an update on existing data? Is it about commitments, or do email addresses have to be added to distribution lists? The different scenarios are configured in consultation with the customer. The desired actions are performed at the touch of a button.



Because every organization has its own unique objects, field names and processes, the design of the tool is tailor-made. Fortunately, many components from previous implementations are reusable, so that the tool can be delivered quickly with a limited investment. Do you want to know how much your organization can save with the ImportHelp? Then get in touch!

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