Salesforce and Google BigQuery: a simple question, an astounding result

Salesforce and Google BigQuery: a simple question, an astounding result

“What piques the interest of owners – managing directors of our client relationships?”

This question was asked by the management of VNO/NCW, the business organization promoting an excellent and sustainable climate for entrepreneurs and businesses. They speak on behalf of businesses of various sizes, spread across various industries, who all have one common goal: room for entrepreneurship.

A relevant question. It was further specified: “Which information was recently downloaded from our website, by business owners with 20 to 200 employees?

Salesforce and Google


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The answer proved simple. Namely: Salesforce was recently implemented. A report with an overview of all business owners was made instantaneously. An analysis of the situation, and an easy configuration in BigQuery were added. Google Analytics data was connected to the email addresses of the business owners. A simple query later and voila: the results.


Astounding result

Of course they had an inkling about the topics that interest this important target demographic. Because you know your customers. VNO/NCW offers a lot of documentation on HR-policies and regulations, about laws and legislation, investments and subsidies. But what did they notice? 70% of all downloads by business owners were about business acquisitions! While not even 10% of VNO/NCW’s attention is focused on this topic! An astounding result.

Simple and affordable

We all know Google is great at finding information. But that Google these days has BigQuery – a “Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which you can implement as needed – is fairly new information, and therefore not widely known. This specific case required an hour of work by a g-company consultant, and not even a tenner for the licensing cost.

Would you like to talk further about which astounding results could be possible for your organization, so you can make a further impact by cleverly combining Salesforce and Google technology? Feel free to contact Balt at or give him a call:+31 6-52869224.

Are you itching te get started?

Are you a nonprofit organization, and has this blogpost inspired you to get started with BigQuery? Would you like to easily analyse your data, to get to know what interests your supporters, and to understand the challenges and concerns that keep them occupied?

During our Round Table Session on April 4th, we will share interesting information about the ways in which BigQuery can be implemented. You too can derive maximum profit from your available data, to get even closer to meeting your objectives! Sign up here.

Balt Leenman

Account Manager
Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

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