StepOrange is now FinDock

StepOrange is now FinDock

Since the start of StepOrange, g-company has been working together with Bas Visser and his team. The first joint project was the implementation of the “Converse” solution at Compassion Nederland, followed by Wilde Ganzen and Terre des Hommes, followed by more than twenty other joint projects. StepOrange sold the Converse App in 2017 to ABSI, which thus acquired an entry into non-profit organizations. On 1 September 2019, Bas renamed his organization StepOrange and the PaymentHub product to FinDock. 



Bas Visser about the name change:

“The world of payments is changing rapidly and causes customers to pay for goods, services and donations in other ways. In recent years we have been working hard on a platform that makes these payment innovations easily available to everyone, right in the heart of the customer profile in Salesforce.

With FinDock, organizations are ready for the future; they can simply dock any desired payment provider and choose any desired payment method. And if the future offers other providers or payment methods, they just have to activate it in FinDock, without affecting their Salesforce architecture.


We call this Customer Payment Management (CPM). CPM is a method to manage all payment interactions between an organization and its customers. It uses data analysis about the history of customers with a company to turn every payment into a personal experience with customers, focusing in particular on customer retention and ultimately stimulating revenue growth.

We are happy to be able to build on our many years of successful collaboration with g-company to make FinDock available to all nonprofits. ”

Click here to go to the FinDock website.


If you work for a non-profit organization and want to know more about the possibilities of FinDock within Salesforce, please contact Balt Leenman, We are happy to think with you!

Balt Leenman

Account Manager
Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

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