Stichting De Waterheuvel: from visiting Salesforce. org event to own Salesforce org!

Stichting De Waterheuvel: from visiting Salesforce. org event to own Salesforce org!

It is November 2018. I am hosting a workshop on marketing automation together with customer Norbert van Berckel (Philanthropy Knowledge Center) at the event in the Beurs van Berlage. Afterwards Petra Nieuwlaat, director of Stichting De Waterheuvel, visits me. “You speak our language,” she said. We immediately made an appointment, because she already knew she wanted Salesforce. She was only looking for a partner who spoke her language. The match was made.

What is De Waterheuvel?

Stichting De Waterheuvel is a community of people with a psychiatric background who meet daily in a clubhouse on Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam. In the video below, Petra explains how it works.


Because De Waterheuvel is partly funded based on the number of members and the number of visits from members, it is important that this can be properly recorded in Salesforce. In addition, it is also important to be able to record which activities a member is participating in or would be interested in. Work experience, education and contacts with social workers and referrers also had to come in a logical way. And, because De Waterheuvel likes to let its members cooperate wherever possible, a number of them also had (limited) access for specific activities, such as “reach out”. This is a method with which De Waterheuvel ensures that contact is maintained with all members, even if things are not going well for a while.


Colleagues Arjan Oldenkamp, Daniel van Veldhuijzen and I have been busy for just over a year. The fact that Petra, as a director, was project manager herself and regularly involved members and staff members during consultation moments ensured broad support within the organization and a very pleasant collaboration.

On December 10th, on the day of the Salesforce DOT org event at the Beurs van Berlage, Petra and I were not there: De Waterheuvel went live with Salesforce on that day!


Future plans

Petra, her staff and the members put their data in Salesforce on our advice; in part this helps them to get to know Salesforce well and in part data entry is also work for members who like this. The limited amount of data lends itself well to it and it saves De Waterheuvel costs for import by g-company.

In 2020 De Waterheuvel will be trained in (making) reports and dashboards and in the use of campaigns. In addition, Petra assumes that you will continue to develop with a tool such as Salesforce as long as your organization is in development.

….Petra Nieuwlaat (Stichting De Waterheuvel) en Renate de Jong (g-company) vieren met taart de implementatie..Petra Nieuwlaat (Stichting De Waterheuvel) and Renate de Jong (g-company) celebrate the implementation with some cake….

Petra Nieuwlaat (Stichting De Waterheuvel) and Renate de Jong (g-company) celebrate the implementation with some cake

g-company wishes De Waterheuvel the best of luck on their mission and good work and we will definitely stay in touch!

Do you also want to work with Salesforce in 2020 or do you know a non-profit organization that has this wish? Send this blog post or call me for an appointment and let’s find out if we also speak the same language! 🙂

Renate de Jong

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Renate de Jong

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Renate is part of the Salesforce and Scrum Master Squad. In addition, Renate has a role within g-company as a Salesforce Consultant.

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