Tech update: new releases Salesforce and FinDock

Tech update: new releases Salesforce and FinDock

Salesforce Winter ’20 release

It has become a tradition that Salesforce carries out a major update on its platform three times a year. Usually you don’t have to do anything for this, but it is advisable to investigate the new possibilities. Possibly, solutions have been realized that add value to your organization. From October 12, most orgs are running on the Winter ’20 release.

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An important change is that the Lightning interface is selected by default for organizations that work with both Classic and Lightning. Of course it is possible to switch back to Classic, but it is a clear signal that Salesforce would like to see as many customers as possible migrate to Lightning. Is your organization still (partly) on Classic and are you considering a migration to Lightning, then contact g-company for customized advice. Migrating is sometimes easy, but can also be quite a job!

Also striking in this update: improved reporting options, such as row counting, row level formulas and conditional color assignment. The mobile app also gets a freshening up. All changes can be found in the release notes.

FinDock release

 FinDock’s products (formerly StepOrange) are used by donors for many non-profits. An update will be made on October 19. For example, it becomes possible to put all collection runs on the agenda for an entire year. In addition, various issues have been resolved, such as double booking of a donation via Buckaroo.

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.