Tech update: Spring '19, Converse and more

Tech update: Spring '19, Converse and more

Spring ’19

Traditionally, Salesforce updates three times per year. Spring ‘19 is currently being rolled out, and here are a couple of noteworthy improvements that came with it:

  • A user can now ‘pin’ their favorite list view
  • A button to print the page was added to Account, Contact, and Campaign
  • The possibility to save mail templates in a folder structure
  • Closing tasks with one click
  • Improved calendar functions in Lightning
  • Display of up to eight key numbers at the head of a report
  • Last but not least: storage space wil increase tenfold by the end of March! So if you’re running against the limits of your storage, this problem will soon be history.

At the moment, you can still switch relatively easy between Classic and Lightning, but Salesforce is clearly investing less in the Classic interface. Our advice therefore is to switch over to Lightning. While this is hassle-free for the most part, there are a couple of components which could require extra attention to have them run smoothly in Lightning. Contact your account manager to make an inventory of everything you would need to switch over to Lightning.



Non-profit organizations using Converse, already have access to the Winter ‘19 update. Some of the most noteworthy changes:

  • The Import Manager for commitments is now only available in the Pro edition
  • ‘Acceptgiro’ is now a recognized payment method in the API
  • A Lightning component to have multiple destinations for an agreement
  • The possibility to input future changes in address
  • Selection of a primary contact for a household

Case of the month

A client reported a problem with processing donations made by companies. A campaign is made, contacts are added, and a payment reference is generated for the outbound mails. But when the company transfers a donation, with mention of the payment reference, the donation is booked as a gift on the contact record. This is not supposed to happen: it is common to register business donations as being made by the company, instead of by the contact person. The solution to this problem proved to be surprisingly simple: when the box “Assign Donations to Parent Account” is ticked on the contact record, donations are henceforth booked on the account record.


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