We are Salesforce!

We are Salesforce!

On April 1, 2013 we started with Salesforce for non-profits. Our team now consists of 15 consultants and a trainee from RefugeeForce. We are a high performance team that complements each other perfectly. Together we have more than 50 successful implementations to our name. Our strength: focus on our individual specializations and awareness of the strengths of colleagues.


…. Staand links - rechts: Philip, Aryen, Stefan, Erik, Arjan, Ronald, Niek, Bart, Tim, Daniël, Ambrose en Gerard. Gehurkt zittend: Lex, Balt, Jurgen en Renate. .. Standing left - right: Philip, Aryen, Stefan, Erik, Arjan, Ronald, Niek, Bart, Tim, Daniël, Ambrose and Gerard. Squatting seated: Lex, Balt, Jurgen and Renate. ….

Standing left – right: Philip, Aryen, Stefan, Erik, Arjan, Ronald, Niek, Bart, Tim, Daniël, Ambrose and Gerard. Squatting seated: Lex, Balt, Jurgen and Renate.


Philip Gahshan, from Syria, is our RefugeeForce trainee. Via certification and internships, he and g-company take the first steps in the Salesforce ecosystem together.

Aryen Pellikaan, our User Adoption specialist, together with Renate. With an infinite dose of patience, a lot of sympathy and inventiveness, he creates enthusiasm for literally every Salesforce user.

Stefan Reiling is our newest colleague consultant. Stefan and g-company got to know each other at Open Doors and Alpha Nederland (Alpha course) during the Salesforce implementation.

Erik Reiken has strengthened us this year. A very experienced solution architect, who now uses his expertise in the Salesforce field.

Arjan Oldenkamp is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense senior consultant, who works with heart and soul for many fundraising organizations, such as Leprazending and Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds.

Ronald Flisijn, one of the best Salesforce developers in the Netherlands, does not turn his hand to complex integrations or specific applications. Mama Cash, Light for the World, Nederlands Letterenfonds and many others have experienced this.

Almost all customers who have ever asked a g-company support question know Bart Lont. Helping our customers further is in Barts genes. He also “collects” Salesforce certifications: we’re currently counting 8.

Niek van Hengel is very strong analytically, presents clear choices to the customer and is particularly effective in implementation. VBO Makelaar and Rituals also know this.

Tim Slijp, a very experienced lead consultant who sometimes counts to ten when a client expresses his wishes, and then comes up with an alternative that is much more effective or efficient. VNO-NCW and Matchis, among others, can testify to this. Together with Gerard, Tim is the initiator behind our Program Management for Nonprofit Cloud solution.

Daniël van Veldhuijzen. If someone is able to create an overview from an inextricable tangle of business processes, then it is this senior consultant. Hersenstichting, MIND and Dorcas are among the customers who have experienced this.

Ambrose Martins. Our uncompromising project manager with an enormous drive to make every project a success. Sees risks and opportunities and makes adjustments early.

Gerard Gijsen. Our highly experienced TOGAF® certified architect with the ability to find an angle that up to then had no one in mind. vfonds and Stichting Timon, among others, have benefited from this. Worked with Tim on Program Management for Nonprofit Cloud.

As team leader, Lex Dekker facilitates the activities of the team and is also a good observer. With his positive-critical attitude, he manages to create a good atmosphere without losing sight of the results. Lex is also active with member organizations and fundraising organizations in the healthcare sector.

Balt Leenman, the founder and still the driving force behind the g-company Salesforce team. Passionate about using his and our core competences for a better world. Develops business with NGOs and (Christian) charities, among others.

Jurgen Peters: Few people in the Netherlands have more experience with Salesforce and fundraising than Jurgen. He uses his experience with heart and soul and in a pragmatic way for non-profits, such as Stichting Vluchteling, Navigators and Handicart. Jurgen is our all-round expert.

Renate de Jong: Consultant with an enormous drive to help non-profit organizations to increase their impact with Salesforce. The Waterheuvel and World Press Photo Foundation are two examples. Just like Aryen, Renate is a User Adoption Specialist.

Lex Dekker

Sales Manager & Squad Lead
Lex is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Sales Manager & Squad Lead.

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.