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Your Salesforce intention for 2020?

Your Salesforce intention for 2020?

Traditionally, the end of the year is a moment of reflection. May I challenge you to take a look at what Salesforce has meant for your organization this year? What went well, what are you proud of, and what do you want to do differently or better next year? In this blog post I already give you some tips that you could get started with.



Streamlined customer service

Maybe you recognize this. E-mails from donors arrive at different places and are handled by different employees. The result is that people work in different (efficient) ways and that conversations are lost. Why not choose a fixed e-mail address, with every incoming request automatically becoming a case? Employees pick up cases from the queue based on function or availability. In addition, they have direct access to all relevant details of the donor and they reply to emails using standard templates. With this you create a streamlined customer service and you have a clear picture of the complaint registration, for example.


Dashboards that will make you happy

An English saying goes ‘Home is where the heart is’. However, the Home page in Salesforce usually suffers a languishing existence. Was the dashboard refreshed 45 days before? Then the information is apparently not relevant. Therefore make sure that your homepage reflects the heart of your organization. Share encouraging messages from donors, or share successes from projects. Encourage interaction with users. And make dashboards relevant to the individual. A director has a different information requirement than a fundraiser or a customer service representative. Show parameters that the employee can influence and delete unnecessary information.


Custom communication

Is the traditional e-mail newsletter passé? The answer will vary per organization. But if you already know so much about your donors, why don’t you use it in your communication? Appeal to someone’s interest or giving behavior. Is someone an active volunteer or a passive donor: make it personal! If you don’t know where to start, I would like to help you with this.


Your intention

Above I have mentioned three examples that you can get started with in the new year. But of course there are countless other options. Think of data quality, data minimization, or creating a self-service portal for your supporters. What is your Salesforce intention for 2020? Let me know by e-mail. I am happy to help you take the next step!

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