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g-company maintains Salesforce.org Impact Partner badge

g-company maintains Salesforce.org Impact Partner badge

g-company is proud to inform you that we have maintained our ‘Salesforce.org Impact Partner’ badge for another year. Acknowledging us as Impact Partner for many years now, Salesforce.org has deemed us an authority for nonprofit organizations in the EMEA region.

Salesforce.org Impact Partner.jpeg

The Salesforce.org Impact Partner badge is the most honorable status achievable for small and medium businesses. It is earned by implementing successful Salesforce solutions at nonprofit organizations, continuously expanding and sharing our knowledge and making sure to represent Salesforce to the best of our ability.

We are very happy to have this badge, but could not have earned it without all those nonprofit organizations who have chosen Salesforce as their CRM software and g-company as their partner. Thank you for choosing us!

Lex Dekker

Sales Manager & Squad Lead
Lex is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Sales Manager & Squad Lead.