ParkinsonNet: staying connected during the corona pandemic

ParkinsonNet: staying connected during the corona pandemic


More than 3,400 physiotherapists, geriatricians, psychologists, speech therapists and many more specialised care providers in a network. From 70 regions they offer the best possible care for 50,000 people with Parkinson’s disease. That is ParkinsonNet. From a small office in Nijmegen,  knowledge sharing, cooperation and exchange of experiences between these care providers is made possible through a digital platform. Blogs, meetings, news, FAQ, exchanging messages and files: these are just some of the elements of this community.


 Kick-off project during lockdown

Soon ParkinsonNet will do so with the help of Salesforce Customer Community. The project was already in the set-up phase when the lockdown was announced by the government. How do we proceed? We normally start a project with a full-day kick-off with all those involved. During this day, the requirements and wishes are explored in detail, the product backlog is compiled and the most important decisions are made for data and process design.

g-company and ParkinsonNet acted quickly to ensure an effective start of the project in the “new normal”. Through a few short (1.5-2 hours) and intensive online workshops, we managed to do the complete project preparation. Very efficiently and in an extremely good atmosphere, so that all those involved were very much looking forward to the actual implementation afterwards. This will lead to the go-live later this summer of ParkinsonNet’s new robust and scalable community, which will optimally facilitate cooperation within their network.

It is a special thing to work together fully digitally, but thanks to everyone’s full commitment, it works!

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Lex Dekker

Sales Manager & Squad Lead
Lex is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Sales Manager & Squad Lead.

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