Salesforce Winter ’21 update

Salesforce Winter ’21 update

It is a good tradition for Salesforce to make a major update to its platform three times a year. Usually you don’t have to do anything for this, but it is advisable to investigate the new possibilities. Perhaps solutions have been realised that are of added value to your organisation. As of 17 October, all organisations are running on the Winter ’21 update. Hereby a small selection of the new functionalities.


 Email templates

Finally there is a fine tool available for building email templates. With the Email Template Builder you can easily build your template from different components. Compared to the old situation, you now get much more consistency in your emails and more control over the layout.

Email template Builder.png



 Automating processes

Salesforce is making Flow Builder the tool for automating processes. It looks like Process Builder and Workflow Rules are gradually merging into Flow. In the new release, Flow Builder gets an intuitive interface and extra functions. For instance, you can now start a process when deleting a record.



With the Einstein Bot you can easily offer a chat function on your website. For example, customers can create a case themselves or request the status of an existing case.


 Quick search

The search function is a powerful tool to quickly open the record you are looking for. With Einstein Search, the search function has become even more powerful. The search results are based on your personal search behaviour and are therefore more relevant. Many customers have not yet activated this free function and that is a missed opportunity.


 Optimisation tips

To keep Salesforce in top shape, the Optimizer is an indispensable tool. This tool provides insight into which things can be organised differently or better in your organisation.


 Report as attachment

The report module already had the possibility to ‘subscribe’ so that a certain report would be sent to you periodically. New is the possibility to attach the report to the e-mail.


 Custom reports

For those working with custom report types, a major frustration has been solved. When you add new fields to objects, they are now also added to the appropriate report types.


 Guest user

Finally, we see a significant change in security. The so-called ‘Guest User’ is often used to create an integration between Salesforce and another service. To minimize risk, the permissions of the Guest User are severely restricted. Sometimes it is necessary to take action to prevent problems with the integration.

To learn more about the Winter ’21 update, check out the release notes.


 Solutions for nonprofits

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