Tips & tricks voor Salesforce: Single Sign-On, PopUps en storneringen

Tips & tricks voor Salesforce: Single Sign-On, PopUps en storneringen

Salesforce houses an enormous amount of features, which may cause you to miss out on the most useful ones. Hence, we emphasise three tips & tricks that will enhance your Salesforce experience.

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 Single Sign-On

Do you want your users to work with Salesforce as smoothly as possible, you will need to reduce the amount of thresholds as much as possible. One of these thresholds is logging in: users find it annoying to log in to different systems separately. Moreover, if you use two-step verification, there is an additional moment of friction. The solution: Single Sign on. With Single Sign-On, users will only have to log in once on Windows or Google and they get access to all systems, among which Salesforce.

This can be implemented relatively easy in Salesforce. Need help with this? Don’t hesitate to reach out to

 PopUps app

Salesforce houses multiple features to help users to fill out forms correctly, like rules of validations. For instance, you can choose to show an error message if someone fails to fill out an email address. However, sometimes you want to notify users without a ‘hard’ rule of validation, like: “This is a VIP donor” or “Note: this amount exceeds 1.000 euros. Are you sure?”

For these type of notifications, it’s useful to install the PopUps app. Free of charge and very easy to use.

Download PopUps here. Want to know more? Please reach out to one of our experts on

Managing direct debits

When you use direct debit (SEPA) to collect money from donors, you might have seen payment failures, e.g. due to a cancelled bank account or insufficient account balance. Usually, this information is communicated by banks in daily transaction files. By recognition of payment references, the concerning payment will be marked ‘failed’ with the reason.

Do you have a process implemented what has to happen with a failed direct debit? Do you want to retry a failed collection? If yes, when and how often?

All of the above can be implemented perfectly in Salesforce, and g-company is always here to help!

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