Virtual or physical?

Virtual or physical?

Since the pandemic, we are all increasingly working hybrid and many meetings are facilitated in this way. It's convenient for the organizer to know how you participate: virtually or physically in the meeting room. Google Calendar makes it easy for you with the RSVP option.

This option has been around for a while, but because there has been a recent update and because we see that many people are not using it optimally yet, we want to give it some attention.

Better location context with Google Calendar

Now that many organizations are much more likely to work in a hybrid way, meaning that meetings can be followed both physically and online, Google Workspace has made it even easier to use RSVPs in Google Calendar and let others know how you plan to participate in a meeting.

Currently, it is possible to select an RSVP participation method that is determined based on your work location, whether that be in a specific meeting room or virtual. With the new RSVP option, Calendar will automatically update how you plan to join the meeting if your work location changes.

In addition, colleagues can now see your work location or absence status directly in the guest list section of a Calendar appointment.

And if you invite colleagues, you can immediately see from which location they are working (provided the work location has been entered, of course).

At g-company we have been used to working remotely and hybrid working for years. But with this new feature in Google Calendar, it's also easier for us to see if you need to book a room and how big that room should be. Or, when you finally want to talk to a colleague in person again, you can choose the right moment thanks to the work location.

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Hugues Heremans

Google Workspace Consultant
Hugues maakt onderdeel uit van het Collaboration en Freshwork Squad. Daarnaast heeft Hugues binnen g-company een rol als Google Workspace Consultant.

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