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Seek and you shall find

Seek and you shall find

After a Google Meet appointment, are you regularly looking for the recording or just want to review the minutes? This often costs you a lot of time and frustration, because you can't find it easily. Fortunately, Google is constantly evolving and your problem has now been solved! With the new search functionality within Google Drive, you'll have the right files back in no time.

How does the search functionality work?

Adding the term [app:”Google Meet”] toe te voegen, wordt in Google Drive gezocht op de onderstaande items:

  • Recordings of meetings
  • Chat transcripts
  • Attendance Reports
  • Polls or question and answer reports
  • Transcripts of meetings
  • Meeting notes made in Google Calendar

In addition to the search [app:”Google Meet”] , it is possible to add to the search with name of the document location, the file type, date, et cetera.

Google meet zoekopdracht

Glenn van Hoof

Google Workspace Consultant
Glenn is member of the Collaboration Squad in the role of Google Workspace Consultant.