Improved temporary document access in Google Drive

Improved temporary document access in Google Drive

For a while now, it has been possible for viewers and commenters to set up temporary access when sharing a file. These persons could view the document and/or add comments for a limited period of time. 

Now, Google Drive has improved two elements within this feature.


What is changing?

Firstly, it is now possible to give editors temporary access to a document in addition to viewers and commenters.

Secondly, until recently, the person had to be added first, and then the rights had to be set. Fortunately, Google has made an adjustment to this, and it is now possible to set temporary access immediately when sharing a document.


Why is it important?

This update makes file sharing more secure by simplifying how you can set temporary access for editors, commenters, and viewers alike. This allows the owner of a file to set an expiration date for the collaboration of the document, without having to actively monitor this date to eventually adjust the rights again.


How to use

  1. Click share.
  2. Find the user and next to the user's name, click the Down arrow Add due date..
  3. Click Click Submit to accept the 30-day due date
  4. To change the default expiration date, under Access Expires, click Edit click edit and select an expiration date from the calendar.
  5. (Optional) Click Delete Due Date to delete the due date.

Click Click Done > Send. Click.

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Ernst-Jan van Gils

Google Workspace Change Consultant
Ernst-Jan is a member of the Collaboration Squad in the role of Google Workspace Change Consultant.

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