The silent power of g-company | soon to be Xebia

The silent power of g-company | soon to be Xebia

If you know us, you probably also know that the consultants of the cloud-first workplace squad are involved in countless customer projects throughout the Benelux and even beyond: migrations, implementations, change management, etcetera.

However, not everyone knows that there is much more work being done in the background that directly delivers value to our customers. This is done by the Service Delivery Team, which consists of the order team on the one hand and the help desk, a.k.a. support, on the other.

In the past two years, the Service Delivery department has grown enormously. High time, therefore, to introduce you to this silent force of our organization.

Introducing the heroes of support

The five-man support team consists of Marvin Vyent, Matthijs van Diggelen, Ronald van Spengen, Martijn Boer and the newest addition, Raoul Tuytjens. Led by Cor van Dusseldorp, they are on hand every day to provide both first-line and second-line support. From questions about login and settings in Gmail, to more complex questions about licenses and hardware installations.

Left to right: Raoul, Ronald, Marvin, Cor, Martijn, Matthijs

When can you turn to support?

First of all: if you are our customer, of course! 😉

g-company | soon to be Xebia is a partner of Google Workspace, Google Cloud, ChromeOS, Freshworks,, LumApps and Salesforce. You can contact our helpdesk for advice and questions about setting up these tools. 

Don't run your licenses through us yet? No problem! We will gladly help you make the right choices or take care of managing your licenses. This way you can immediately meet a member of the helpdesk.

Are you an end user and you can't figure something out: call support! Even if you run into a problem on your desktop or laptop and it is related to one of the products purchased from us, the men will gladly help you.

Most questions we get are about Google Workspace and ChromeOS. To give you an idea, we've listed some of the most common questions about those tools.

  • How do I add a new user to Google Workspace?
  • How do I set up two-step authentication?
  • How do I share a Google Doc with a non-Google user?
  • How do I set up multiple email signatures?


Do you also have a help question about any of the applications listed? Can't figure something out? Or would you just like to talk to our heroes? You can reach them Monday through Friday during office hours at +31 85 047 21 21.

And... Next time you talk to one of our support desk staff, remember that you're talking to a hero. He may not be wearing a cape, but he makes our customers' work more fun and easier, day in and day out. 🦸

PS: Did you know that our customers give our support desk an average of 8.7? We're pretty proud of that!

PPS: Depending on the agreements we have with your organization, we charge a flat fee or you get an invoice on subsequent calculation.

Nienke van Oosteren

Marketing Manager
Nienke is part of the Marketing Squad and has a role as Marketing Manager within g-company.

Curious for more?

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.