Dutch Institute for Sound & Vision

The Dutch Institute for Sound & Vision is the media archive of the Netherlands and the largest of its kind within Europe. The Institute plays a leading role in the area of management and accessibility of Dutch media heritage. The building at the Media Park in Hilversum houses a collection of radio, television, films, photography, music, documentaries, new media, games and internet culture, which continues to grow daily. These collections give a unique view on the history of the Netherlands over the last 100 years, and on the developments within the field of audiovisual media in particular.
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Beeld & Geluid: flexible collaboration and knowledge-sharing with Google Workspace

The challenge

The Dutch Institute for Sound & Vision is a broad cultural organization that has a central function within the archiving and media sector both at home and abroad, thanks to its accumulated knowledge and infrastructure. To maintain this function, the Institute has set goals, which include ICT-related objectives:

  • To save on costs of existing servers, licenses and maintenance

  • To offer employees an innovative and future-proof workplace

  • To collaborate and share knowledge better within the organization, at a time of great changes


The solution

Together with g-company, Sound & Vision has phased in:

  • GMail and Google Calendar, to replace Outlook and Exchange

  • Google Sites, to replace the old intranet and other knowledge systems (all Sharepoint-based)

  • Google Drive and online applications such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, to replace file storage and Office applications

”Over the years, g-company has been the go-to partner to optimize the use of Google Workspace, and discover other possible applications of Google Cloud.”

The result

Sound & Vision has been able to incrementally save costs, whereby every change had a return on investment within the year. The well over 500 employees make ample use of of the innovative Google applications and are very satisfied with them. In addition, flexible collaboration and knowledge-sharing are stimulated in a dynamic environment.
Over the years, g-company has been the go-to partner to optimize the the use of Google Workspace, and discover other possible applications of Google Cloud.

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