The first Coffeecompany opened its doors in 1996. The CC Leidsestraat 60 was born from KoffieDick’s love for coffee and Rick’s love for the ‘big city ritual’ that he encountered in New York and London. In the following years, Coffeecompany conquered the capital Amsterdam. Coffeecompany won over a new generation of coffee fans with the versatility of coffee in a relaxing environment. Currently there are 37 branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden, Rotterdam and Delft, with a local roastery and tasting room in Amsterdam. Each have a unique place nearby. They often host performances, and the walls are open to local designers and artists.
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Coffeecompany: a seamless transition to the cloud

”With Google Workspace we no longer lose time organizing the information stream from and to our shops. it helps that our employees were already accustomed to working with Google products. This made the transition seamless.”

It was a lot of fun for g-company to work with Coffeecompany. Even at an early stage, Coffeecompany was interested in more than just Gmail and Google Calendar. The cooperation between the office and the branches is something we were all able to improve as well. Coffeecompany is a fun, inquisitive client, who likes to take up things themselves too. They themselves realized the roll-out of Chrome devices in stores after an administrator training by g-company.


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