Homerr is a network that consists of private local pickup points and retail service points in the Netherlands, so-called Homerr Points. Consumers can have their parcel sent to one of these points or delivered to collect it there. Often also outside regular opening hours. In this way they connect people who are regularly at home with neighbours who cannot be at home for the delivery of their parcel.
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Homerr: fast response time, satisfied customers

The challenge

Homerr receives hundreds of emails per day with questions about parcels, registrations of Homerr points and information requests from consumers and web shops. Emails that require a quick response. Structure and overview in the handling of these messages was lacking in order to be able to respond quickly.

Another challenge was related to telephony: next to e-mail, the second major source of customer contacts. Logging calls was done manually and therefore took a lot of time.


The solution

Structuring incoming mail was Homerr’s priority. By working in Freshdesk with views for mail, automatic allocation to the right departments and the (partly) automatic categorization of mails based on certain properties, g-company created overview in the large flow of email messages. Freshdesk offers all possibilities to create structure, to work as a team and to be able to respond quickly.

The next step was to integrate phone. The main goals were to create a complete customer view and to simplify the logging of telephone calls. For this, g-company has set up the integration between Freshcaller and Freshdesk. Part of this was setting up call flows so that, just like in Freshdesk, questions get directed to the right department. Conversations are linked to a contact in Freshdesk and a ticket is created, all automatically.

"Together with g-company we have been able to accelerate the realization of our service strategy. By implementing Freshdesk we are better able to help our clients and thus increase customer satisfaction, which is key to us!"

The result

Homerr now has a central place for all questions that come in via telephone and e-mail.

In addition, the use of Freshdesk provides Homerr a lot of interesting information that is used for decision-making. For example, automatic periodic reports provide a good picture of the growth in the number of customer contacts and the reason for contact.


The next step

The Dutch Homerr network is so successful, that they aspire to expand to Belgium in the short term!

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