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The Jimmy Nelson foundation was founded in 2016 by photographer Jimmy Nelson. Born from a desire to give something back to the diverse cultures that Jimmy portrayed during his travels, his foundation now offers financial assistance to creative initiatives and projects around the world, to enable them to engage in genuine cultural exchange themselves. In this foundation, the celebration of our global cultural heritage and its cultural diversity is paramount. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation also seeks to bring to the fore the value that lies in the cultural diversity that makes up our world.
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Jimmy Nelson Foundation: always connected with Google Workspace

The challenge

As is the same with other internationally-minded organisations, the challenge for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation was staying connected which each other, as well as being available all the time. Furthermore, they own a lot of valuable visual material, which has to be stored safely in a structured manner.

The solution

Within a day, the entire mail system was transferred seamlessly to G Suite.Besides integrated e-mails, the foundation also gained access to connected calendars and a more well-structured drive where all files could be saved and shared.

“g-company took time for everyone within our office, and we received a very friendly, and most importantly, very thorough explanation of all the new possibilities the system has to offer.”

During the training, the consultant also introduced the Foundation to the fun extras and possibilities within the system. 


The result

From organizing the visual material to managing the various calendars: the Jimmy Nelson Foundation has now received a clearer structure - with more storage possibilities - and the involved persons are better connected, wherever they are across the globe.

“We are thankful for g-company’s help in guiding this innovation, and are happy with the results.”

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