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Kirkman Company is a consultancy firm that provides successful transformations of public and private organizations, because it can be done better or because sometimes it has to be done differently.
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Kirkman Company: transforming organizations with Google Workspace

Consultancy firm Kirkman Company ensures successful transformations of public and private organizations. Towards 100% relevance for all stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, environment, society and shareholders. Whether it concerns the challenges of today or the opportunities of tomorrow, within a department or for the organization as a whole. Because there is always room for improvement or because sometimes things really have to change.

Kirkman Company is B Corp certified. It helps them in their own relevance and is an inspiration for the organizations they transform. They are member of an international network of organizations that, besides profit, also strive for a high standard for social and ecological impact, accountability and transparency.

"Google Workspace gives us the ability to work together at any time of the day, regardless of our location. All we need for this is an internet connection."

Kirkman Company shares in this video how they are working together to build social enterprises, and how Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is helping them achieve their goals.

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