The Dutch Police

As a police service, the Dutch Police (also known as the National Police) is of course charged with enforcing the laws of the Netherlands, maintaining public order and providing assistance. The Dutch Police are also the investigation service of the Public Prosecution Service. With over 63,000 FTE, this can be called a large and complex organization.

Dutch Police: the choice of Chromebooks

The challenge

Digitization and automation are certainly relevant developments for government services such as the Dutch Police. Employees, for instance, want to be able to work more flexibly, at times and places that they themselves have chosen. In order for the Police to be able to adapt to these changes, the safeguarding of personal data, as well as the managing of devices and software, has to be impeccably organized. 

The solution

At the start of 2015 the Police started looking for an alternative to Windows laptops, focusing mainly on security, flexibility and cost as the most important points. After thoroughly reviewing the options, the organization started a pilot together with Google and g-company during the summer of 2015, to migrate employees from Windows laptops to Chromebooks. With the help of Citrix Receiver, users gained access to the necessary systems. This allowed them to work in familiar ways, but with a simple, quick, inexpensive and secure laptop. Management was simplified, thanks to organized web-based options and a more secure platform.

The result

The pilot turned out to be a success. Both agents and administrators, as well as directors, were extremely enthusiastic about the improved ease of use of the Chromebooks, the noticeable reduction in management constraints and the improved security.

Currently, there are thousands of employees working with a Chromebook, a number that continues to grow on the daily. Additionally, the Police are looking into the possibilities to make use of Google’s other business applications.

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