Prato simplifies and automates HR processes for companies. For over 15 years, their people have been guiding and supporting customers, using innovative HR-software, payroll and staff administration, as well as socio-judicial advice.
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Prato: great customer support with Freshdesk

The challenge

There is a large variety of customers and the business sector is complex. So, customers understandably come to Prato’s help desk with their questions. Each day, five employees are present to help customers. Previously, the help desk was operated on an old legacy system with limited functionality. This system ran on an on-premise client-server, which meant that customers could not track progress on their question. All of this meant that agents didn’t really love the old system, which Prato was eager to modernise: it wanted a cloud-based, out-of-the-box solution that could evolve constantly.


The solution

Prato looked for a new system that would support the customers coming from various services. It also needed to fully support all software suites that are offered to their customers. Additionally, Prato wanted to provide multi-channel support: tracking people’s questions by phone, email and through a self service portal while retaining all history and contextual information. Furthermore, not only customer support, but the entire organization needed to have access to the system. That way, incoming problems could be escalated to the right person immediately, within the same system. Most of all, the new tool needed to be cloud-native, easy to use and reasonably priced. Freshdesk turned out to be the perfect solution.

"The benefits were immediate."

The advantages

The escalation system works excellently. All questions arrive at Prato’s first line support. An automatic email is sent out afterwards, to let the client know that their question has been received. If first line support is unable to answer the question, it is sent to one of two permanent second line support employees, with one single click. If they can not help the customer either, the question ultimately ends up with the development team, who are also on Freshdesk. They use it to communicate with second line support, after which support provides a final and definitive answer to the client.

"We are noticing a great efficiency gain: our employees now see the complete communication with the customer on the ticket itself. In addition, there is the ability to assign priorities to specific questions. This ensures that we can handle the most urgent cases first."

Not only their employees are happy, but even the customers are enthusiastic about Freshdesk. Problems are now handled with the right priority. Additionally, the portal is a true hit: customers get a quick overview of all their open questions, their status and who at Prato they can reach out to for follow-up. 

Ingrid describes Prato’s plans for expanding the use of Freshdesk as follows: “We are convinced that Freshdesk can help us support our customers even better in the future, by publishing the knowledge that Prato is currently putting together to the Freshdesk portal. Using this knowledge base, we expect to reduce the number of customer requests significantly. Furthermore, if our customers can find their answers directly on the portal, we will be able to help them solve their problems even faster. We are convinced this feature will also be a big hit with our customers.” 

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