Sentimo makes high-quality radiator covers that are suitable for almost all horizontal radiators. As a subsidiary of a large Dutch metalworking company, they guarantee a stable market position and only offer products that are manufactured in the Netherlands.
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Sentimo: More grip and view of the back office

The challenge

Every day, Sentimo receives hundreds of emails, phone calls and web forms, with questions and orders. With only one mailbox, everything was mixed up and the back office lacked overview and prioritization. As a result, employees could not be deployed effectively and efficiently where they were needed at the time. Moreover, the available data was not used to foresee shifts in workload and peak times. And there was no insight into who was working on which case and whether everyone communicated correctly and unambiguously. When a customer called, he was not recognized. It could even happen that a customer was helped by telephone by employee A, while at the same time employee B answered a previously received email.

The solution

With Freshdesk, incoming emails and web forms are instantly converted into a ticket and sent to the right group of employees. The integrated dashboards immediately visualize teams with peaks in work pressure and where extra forces are needed. By using default answers, it is possible to provide customers with information quickly and unambiguously. Sentimo's contact database is synchronized with Freshdesk on a daily basis. This means that the customer is immediately recognized when he gets in touch. With the Freshcaller integration, it is also instantly visible if a customer already has an open ticket when he calls.

“We have professionalized our back office with Freshworks and g-company. We now have more control and insight into what is happening and can therefore serve our customers better and faster.”

The result

All customer communication is received in one place, in a clear and orderly manner. By consulting the dashboards on a daily basis, one can deploy the forces where necessary. Peak times can also be predicted with the help of data and insight is gained into what customers are contacting about. The back office now communicates more professionally and unambiguously.

The next step

Sentimo is growing and Freshdesk grows with them! All communication for the Belgian and Danish market will soon also be processed through Freshdesk.

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