xential creates overview and makes things easy. They help organizations deliver clear information. A clear message that every user understands, where it is immediately clear who is delivering the message. That's the essence of xential: connecting organizations with people, through simple document creation.
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xential: Better, faster and more efficient service

The challenge

At xential, customer communication comes in unstructured, through multiple channels. As a result, overview was lacking and there was no clear timeline of events and/or connections. In addition, processes were not streamlined and little data was collected about the nature and cause of the incoming reports. They were therefore looking for a platform to introduce structure and to improve and innovate the organization. In addition, they wanted to help customers more efficiently by giving them access to self-service and sharing relevant information when creating a ticket.

The solution

With Freshdesk, tickets are - immediately upon arrival - assigned to the correct group and priority. This is done based on the notification type and status of the customer. In this way, xential has a better overview of the workload and distribution. Selected customers also have access to the customer portal, of which the design is fully compliant with xential corporate branding. Here one can search the knowledge base for information, such as answers to support questions and manuals of the xential software. When creating a ticket, solutions are also proactively presented, based on keywords. At the same time, the customer is asked for information that helps xential answer the question even faster.

"Thanks to the collaboration with g-company, we now work faster and more efficiently and we have a better overview at the same time. Freshdesk has leveraged our professional image and enables us to offer customers an 'always-open' portal."

The result

xential now has a professionally designed service tool with a customer portal comliant with xential corporate branding. Customers have access to self-service and can create tickets that immediately contain valuable information for the customer service agents. xential employees can help customers faster and more efficiently, because they have - among other things - better overview, including a timeline of events.

The next step

A lot of data is now being collected that will be used in Analytics, to further optimize the service. In addition, the knowledge base in the customer portal will play an even more important role for self-service.

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