Cloud Optimize: Containers & Kubernetes

Use containers to streamline your development process, and orchestrate them in Kubernetes clusters

'Containerization' allows your development teams to move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at scale. 

By providing automated container orchestration and efficient machine management, Kubernetes improves your reliability, and reduces the time and resources attributed to DevOps. 

Together with your team, g-company will identify and implement a suitable Proof of Concept (PoC). Our aim is to increase the pace of development in a secure and fault tolerant environment.

The advantages of this programme

  • Improve your reliability with automated container orchestration.
  • Verminder de tijd en middelen nodig voor DevOps.
  • Explore, analyse, and implement a Proof of Concept to determine feasibility.
The challenge of...


A solid data warehouse is for a Fintech-organization crucial. The existing data warehouse was built on-premise and was aging.
The challenge of...


Besides the stability of the iBOOD website and the underlying systems not being reliable during peak times, the iBOOD team was also vulnerable: they did not have the capacity to provide 24/7 support themselves. There was also insufficient in-house expertise in the field of infrastructure.


This solution makes use of


Google Cloud Platform

With Google Cloud you make custom-made solutions and integrates your current systems in a scalable manner.

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