Google Cloud Platform: Lift & Shift

Migrate and run your current workloads on Google Cloud Platform

Migrate and run your Windows and Linux infrastructure and your applications (SAP, Microsoft, etc.) in the cloud, and take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and security of Google Cloud Platform.

During a Lift and Shift program, your team and g-company engage in an intensive collaboration to discover, plan, design and execute the migration of your current infrastructure to the cloud. The primary focus is to move your infrastructure to the cloud as-is and with minimal changes. Cloud native improvements will be applied at a later stage.

The advantages of this programme

  • Migrate your workloads to Google Cloud Platform as soon as possible.
  • With focus on for scalability and the possibility for revision.
  • All with an eye on the future, where cloud native work will be the standard.
The challenge of...


The Travix companies all had their own email infrastructures, based on Microsoft Exchange. Consolidating this into one common mail platform proved to be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Time pressure was high as the mail servers ran out of their lifecycle.
The challenge of...


Tentoo was for its fully digital service provision depending on software develope for the Dutch market, which caused problems in adapting the system to Belgian legislation.
The challenge of...


Parkos wanted to spur the global growth by improving the travel experience.
The challenge of...


smartphoto wanted to make the right decision to enable company growth. Besides, they wanted to migrate the IT architecture and .net applications to the cloud.
The challenge of...


Besides the stability of the iBOOD website and the underlying systems not being reliable during peak times, the iBOOD team was also vulnerable: they did not have the capacity to provide 24/7 support themselves. There was also insufficient in-house expertise in the field of infrastructure.


This solution makes use of


Google Cloud Platform

With Google Cloud you make custom-made solutions and integrates your current systems in a scalable manner.

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