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Create insightful spider charts directly from you data

Using spider charts for competence management, succession planning or role assessments? You can now use our custom app to present your data as spider charts. Compare employee competences to roles, ambitions or other team members, while maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information.

"We were manually creating spider charts in slides to visualise our role-based competence model. With the g-company Spider Chart app, employees can now easily compare personal competences with their current or future roles and discuss their evolution during performance reviews."

Enter your data in

Simply enter or import all your competence-related (or other) data in a board.

Turn this data into a spider chart

A spider chart will be automatically created based on your data. Hence, you have a clear view of all competences straight in

Use cases

Individual performance tracking

Track individual performance over time in order to spur individual growth.


Compare the skillset of your team members and see whether they meet the requirements for their aspired role.

Competence management

Gain better insights in who is best in what field to improve team performance.

Annual performance reviews

Easily generate great reports to review annual performance of your team.

Fully compatible with monday workdocs

Use your spider chart views easily in reports using workdocs and generate comprehensive reports in a jiffy.

The use case of...


Bayer uses the custom calendar view in as planning tool to schedule the appointments of its service agents. They started using the custom calendar view and experienced three major benefits:

  • Easier appointment planning and rescheduling
    Planning and rescheduling appointments for service agents has become very simple and fast with custom calendar view, because there was no external calendar required.

  • No need to look elsewhere for all appointment information
    All information of the appointment could be retrieved instantly from the calendar, like the location of the appointment and the concerning client.

  • Instantly see availability of all team members
    Every person responsible could easily recognize its own appointments and the availability of other service agents.

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