Freshbots: Freshworks' bot-builder platform

With Freshbots, you build your very own chatbot on your platform in six simple steps. This ensures that you are available to your customers 24/7. Besides your own website, you can also make the chatbot available on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or your mobile app.

In addition, it is possible to provide your customers with an FAQ environment by linking this to your current systems. You can also create tickets of all conversations, change (address) information and much more. Bring every customer journey to a successful end by combining multiple-choice options and the recognition of your customers' language by the chatbots.

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Smart chatbots that improve your service, marketing and sales

Whether the customer wants to change an address, receive a brochure or has a question, Freshbots supports to bring every customer journey to a successful end. Let the customer choose where you can provide support and ask for the name, email address and customer number. Verify this information through an API call with your customer database.

Additionally, offer the customer the option to share new address information and have it automatically saved by your bots. Another option is to check customer questions in your FAQ database, which reduces 10% to 20% of your live customer contacts. Is the chatbot unable to figure it out? With the intelligent handover, the question is sent to the right employee in the right team. Therefore, you are always able to help your customers out.

What does it provide?

The Chatbots from Freshworks provide support wherever and whenever the customer needs it. It is available on WhatsApp, chat, Facebook Messenger or in your mobile app. If you are already familiar with the other Freshworks products, you will easily implement chatbots on all your platforms. 

Use the chatbots to improve your customer experience and work more efficiently with your employees. You achieve this by avoiding repetitive customer contacts, which reduces the costs of your service department. Try out the chatbots now and start learning from the Freshworks-Bot-Builder-Platform!

The 5 main reasons to switch to Freshbots

    1. Simple to use and easy to take the first steps

    2. Reduced costs of your service organization

    3. Employees are supported by solving the most simple questions

      1. Improved customer experience by providing solutions for your customers faster

      2. Start learning about the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI)

    Customer service challenges...

    ...and the solutions of Freshbots


    "Customer service levels are under pressure"

    Save time by automating the first part, or the entire customer interaction


    "Customer support spends a lot of time on repetitive work"

    Chatbots offer customers FAQs that fit the question they have


    "Customer service is not scalable enough for my growth plans"

    The deployment of Freshbots gives you the possibility to automate a significant part of your customer contacts


    "Chatbot does not know the answer to the customer question"

    No problem, there is an easy handover to chat or mail with a live agent


    "I do have website visitors, but they are not converting"

    Use chatbots to request contact information from your customers or schedule a demo in an accessible and inexpensive way

    Frequently asked questions about Freshbots

    What does Freddy - Freshbots cost?

    The pricing of Freshbots depends on the Freshworks products you are currently using. With some of the products, the bot-builder platform is included and you pay per bot call. With other Freshworks products, you pay a license fee for the platform. Do you want to gather more information on your situation and pricing? Don't hesitate to contact us directly.



    Can I link my CRM system to Freshbots?

    Yes, most probably. Many systems have an open API. Freshbots can extract information from those systems and store information. g-company also has programmers who can do this for you.


    Can I get a demo and a test account?

    For sure! You can contact us and we will gladly provide a demo and set up a test environment for your organization that is free to use for 21 days. We are also happy to advise you on best practices and how to achieve quick wins. 

    Curious how we can help your organization?

    Contact our account manager Jeroen

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