Google Workspace

Why Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (previously: G Suite) has all you need to do your best work, together in one package.

The fully web-based software by Google enables your organization to cooperate together in the cloud, easily exchange, edit and access files. The optimal connectivity makes you use Google Workspace tools seamlessly with other apps throughout your organization. 


Reach your colleagues, wherever they are


Everything you need to bring your project to life.


Store files and find what you need instantly.


Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

The challenge of...


Employees that wanted to check emails or check the drug prescription of clients had to go to the office, away from the people they took care of.
The challenge of...


Coffeecompany's biggest challenge was the time spent on reorganizing the information flow to the stores and a smooth the transition to Google Workspace.
The challenge of...

DPG Media

With operations in three countries and several divisions, cooperating became more and more challenging for DPG Media. A few divisions were already familiar with the apps of Google Workspace. DPG needed an implementation partner.
The challenge of...

DSW Health Insurance

Clear communication and cooperation is key at DSW. Besides, proper security of files is a significant point of attention.

Our implementation approach

Implementing means ensuring that things really start to work. Many organizations have invested a lot of time and energy in new technology. Yet many projects fail or do not have a proper ROI. To work more efficiently and more effectively, one needs more than just technology. We help organizations to take a close look at business issues and translate these into the desired behavior and into the technology that can support this. 

We have one advantage: with Google Workspace the hardware and software is easily available, so we do not have to worry about that. This allows us to spend more time together on implementation and ensure that it really works.

The Google Workspace implementation process is broad:

  • Organizational / functional
    Using new software is not just a technical story. It is also about the organizational side: how are we going to use the software to improve our work? And the functional side is also important: how do current business processes run and how can you make the software work for you? What expectations does the organization have? How much more efficient can your employees be when the software becomes part of everyone's work process? 

  • Technical / migration
    Part of the implementation is to ensure that technically everything works perfectly. Consider, for example, mail routing during the transition and migration from Exchange to GMail.

  • Training
    We advise customers to start with training courses and / or workshops not earlier than a few days áfter implementation. Everyone has been able to work with the software for a while, which benefits the level of the exercises. The content of a training consists of handling user questions and transferring work agreements and processes.


We pay a lot of attention to adoption by future users. Their motivation to use Google Workspace properly, is crucial for its success. We actively involve them in the implementation at various moments during the project. In addition, we provide thorough training, so the transition to Google Workspace runs as smoothly as possible. After implementation, dependence on external help should be minimal; that is why your administrators are closely involved during the project, so that they are optimally prepared for their new role.

Proven success
At the end of 2021, Google Cloud awarded us with the Work Transformation for Enterprise Specialization, that proves our expertise and success in building customer solutions using Google Cloud technology.

Solutions with Google Workspace


Google Workspace Compliance Workshop

This workshop focuses on the right documentation and Google Workspace configuration and implements relevant privacy and safety measures.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace Adoption

The goal of this programme is to help existing Google Workspace users with the adoption of all Google Workspace apps in order to get the most out of Google Workspace.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace: Mail & Agenda

g-company assists your company to start working in the cloud with Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts.
Google Workspace

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