Good software is one thing, but decent hardware is just as important: hardware that seamlessly connects with the software is crucial in creating cloud-based workspaces that can be accessed from any location. 


Enable organizations to cooperate and innovate by using scaleability of the internet.
A powerful smartboard to collaborate in the cloud with Google Workspace integration.
The challenge of...


Due to COVID-19, employees suddenly had to work from home. And a big problem arose: there was a big shortage of devices with a camera and microphone, which was required to stay in touch with clients remotely.
The challenge of...


NewMotion was looking for a professional innovation partner and wanted to enhance the usage of Google Workspace.
The challenge of...

Bruynzeel Keukens

Een keuken kopen is voor sommige mensen een sport, maar voor velen een behoorlijke uitdaging. Niet alleen vanwege het onderhandelingsproces – dat bij veel keukenwinkels een niet al te beste reputatie heeft – maar ook vanwege de vele keuzes die men moet maken. Dat moet anders kunnen, dacht Bruynzeel Keukens. Gesteund door een tevredenheidsonderzoek waaruit bleek dat de klantbeleving van Bruynzeel Keukens, vooral op het gebied van transparantie over producten, prijzen en opties, drastisch verbeterd moest worden, ging men aan de slag.
The challenge of...

The Dutch Police

Police employees wanted to work more flexible, at moments they chose themselves. Privacy and safety are then crucial.
The challenge of...


In 2019, Aafje was chosen to be the best employer and the challenge is to keep this status. Staying innovative and working with the right tools for supplying healthcare is a big challenge.
The challenge of...


Employees that wanted to check emails or check the drug prescription of clients had to go to the office, away from the people they took care of.

Solutions with hardware

Chrome Management Kickstart

This solution revolves around the ins & outs of managing several Chrome Devices via the Chrome Management portal.

Solutions with hardware


Salesforce: Programme Management for Non-Profit Cloud

Gain more insight into your programme portfolio and focus on impact.

Freshworks Training

g-company offers training and certification to benefit from the full potential of Freshworks, with both technical skills and best practices.
Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshteam, Freshworks, Freshdesk Contact Center, Freshsales Suite, Freshbots, Freshdesk Messaging

Learning path: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud


Learning path: networking & security


Learning path: machine learning & artificial intelligence

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Learning path: smart analytics & data management


Learning path: modernize your infrastructure


Learning path: application modernization

Cloud Customer Care square logo

Cloud Customer Care™

Through our Cloud Customer Care™ program, we help you to achieve long term improvements, leverage technology and realize digital transformation.

Google Marketing Data Cloud

Combine existing marketing data, get new valuable insights and get in touch with customers in a smart, personal way.
Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Discover: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In these hands-on, interactive workshops you'll learn how Google's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools can be used for your organization. We help to recognize and analyze business cases and how AI & ML can be used to tackle business challenges.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Data Studio

In this one-day workshop you'll discover the opportunities of data analysis on the Google Cloud Platform. Discover the best way to acquire, connect and share data using interactive visualizations.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Start Analytics BI

Become an (even more) data-driven organization by setting up an affordable and scaleable data warehouse on Google Cloud with all your business analytics.
Google Cloud Platform

Salesforce: Cloud Start Programme Management

Kickstart your programme management towards insight, transparency and impact

Salesforce: Marketing Automation for Non-Profit Cloud

Increase your impact with Salesforce pardot: connect with donors and get more insight in what your marketing efforts bring you.

Salesforce Admin on Demand

Sometimes you just need a few extra hands to keep your Salesforce in great shape, for instance when a manager is out of office. Our Salesforce Admin on Demand is the solution.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Cloud

Enhance your impact by a 360-degree overview of all donors and build personal relationships with them.

Cloud Start: Fundraising for Non-Profit Cloud

Discover how you can free more energy to achieve your mission and how you can help focus your organization on impact.

Google Workspace Compliance Workshop

This workshop focuses on the right documentation and Google Workspace configuration and implements relevant privacy and safety measures.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace Adoption

The goal of this programme is to help existing Google Workspace users with the adoption of all Google Workspace apps in order to get the most out of Google Workspace.
Google Workspace

Google Workspace: Mail & Agenda

g-company assists your company to start working in the cloud with Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts.
Google Workspace

Google Cloud Platform: Desktop as a Service

DaaS ensures you have access to existing (Windows) application using a cloud-native HTML5 web interface, which enhances scalability and safety.
Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Training

g-company offers training and certification to benefit from the full potential of Google Cloud Platform, with both technical skills and best practices.
Google Cloud Platform, Looker, Recommendations AI, VMware Engine

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