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New to Our essentials training session will cover all the basics and gives you a headstart.

Also view our advanced training or admin training.

* The training will primarily be in Dutch, but English is possible if there are English speaking participants.

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Are you new to the platform and do you want to learn the basics to help get you and your team started? We will go over the essentials that you and your team need to efficiently and effectively work with

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Meet the trainer

Marie-Laure Bols implementation consultant

More trainings

No matter what your expertise is in, we have an interactive training session ready for you to join. You can choose from any of the following training sessions, or even choose multiple! advanced training

Are you already familiar with but do you want to extend your knowledge in the platform to get your workflows to the next level? In this session we will show you and your team how to work with more advanced features. admin training

Are you an admin in your account, but not taking full advantage of admin features? Learn how to manage everything from users and boards to security settings in this session.

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