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Round Table Impact measurement with IATI for Program Managers

IATI may or may not be mandatory for your NGO, but can this Open Source based reporting framework add value? 

Leo Stolk, former IATI Board member and business intelligence lead at Oxfam Novib shares his experience with various implementations, from governance driven to intrinsic motivated implementations.

Balt Leenman will lead the round table discussion.

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Round Table Impact measurement with IATI for Program Managers and PMEL Professionals

About IATI

IATI is the abbreviation for International Aid Transparency Initiative and is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises. More and more IATI is mandatory for governance funded aid projects. Because of the open standards, many NGOs use IATI as a guideline to report the impact of implementation projects.

The Round Table is facilitated to share knowledge, best practices, lessons learned and build relationships with like minded professionals.



Expert at the table

Leo Stolk

Leo Stolk, is Business Intelligence Lead at Oxfam Novib, he served until May 2022 as one of the seven board members of IATI Governing Board.

He speaks about IATI as the mandatory framework by many Governance Funds, while there is an intrinsic value of pragmatically following the IATI principles.

Leo will share an introduction to inspire this round table discussion.

About your host

Balt Leenman

Balt Leenman, founder of g-company (Xebia) Salesforce for nonprofit and and co-founder of Africolt facilitates this event.

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"g-company is our trusted expert partner in the Benelux region. We are looking forward to discussing how IATI reporting can be transformed using innovative technology solutions, at our upcoming IATI round table event."

Katrina Seidel
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